A story about a chair with four legs

Creating the strength of an individual or society could be presented with a story of a chair with four legs. When you have only one strength, one source of income, only one idea you follow or everything you have is your inheritance you have to sell to pay bills, then you are sitting on a chair with one leg.

A story about a chair with four legs

This chair is very unstable, it is hard to keep the balance (there are no quiet periods) and the fall is the usual consequence. While you are sitting on a chair like this, it is hard to say: No, I do not want to, because the people around you would show you the bills you have to pay or interests for the loan, so you do not have much of a choice. 

If you add a new leg to your chair (for example, someone else earns money in your family, you are the expert in two fields, keepers of averageness missed the genius who can make a new product or service, so you have a stronger economic background), you would live your life easier but be careful not to fall asleep in the chair. Well, the caravans that were conquering the Wild West were ensuring a nice sleep to pioneers because the guards were sitting on chairs with two legs. It seems rather stabie unless you fall asleep. And then – crash! – and you find yourself on the floor, but you closed your eyes only for a moment!

So, if you want to sleep and relax, the chair needs the third leg. It can be another source of income, more business partners, higher education or new knowledge and alike. The chair with three legs is more stable, but can not grow as the point of stability moves toward instability. This chair will hold you, but if you a bit more ambitious, you will need the fourth leg.

Now we are talking about the chair we all know. It is a classic, stable chair that holds you without the fear of falling down, even if you fall asleep (unless you do not sit comfortably or you sleep restlessly). In other words, if you assure enough income not to depend on only one, if you know enough that in case of notice you can find a new job easily or open your own company and the circle of people you know or work with is big, then the chair with four legs is stable enough to hold you.

What does this story tell you? That almost everything depends on you. The stronger is your personality, the more you know, the more successful is your communication, the more information you have in your head and at hand the chair you are sitting on is more stable. The more knowledge and efficiency there is in a society you live in, and the economy govern politics, this society is more developed and more successful.

There is a Chinese saying, ”When in darkness, do not curse the dark. Light a candle." It should be much easier today – you just press the switch and turn on the lights. When we talk about our lives then the switch is in our heads. So close and yet so far away. Hidden and lost in layers of prejudice, habits, unsolved problems, disorientation and wrong views, the switch is too far away like in a head of an inhabitant from a different planet, millions of light years away. Someone's view could be dark, fluent mass of predator's quick sand in a swamp where everything drowns which is average and controlled, and the main law is "stronger eats weaker". Your view could be a fertile soil out of which emerge products everyone wants to pay for, barter for their products, while the nature blossoms under the sun.
This text is among many you are going to read about the change of your views about yourself and the world around you. To some you will believe, some you will notice, and some you will not like. What is important is that you do allow someone else to charge you for their success. Your survival in a society you live in starts with an empty stomach. When you fill it, you are ready for something more. Even the highest heights you will reach with your own efforts. With no cheating or fixing results. Only if you really want to succeed. And as one drop raises the sea your change can change the world.