Saša Petar

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Saša Petar, Ph.D. is the author of 30 business books including “Supply Chain Management” (2020) , „The Mystery of a Lost Customer 2.0 (2019.), „Managing by Mistakes (2018.), „The Power of Successful Presentation (2017.), „Successful Sales“ (2016), “Change Management” (2013), “Successful Meetings“ (2013),“The Secret of a Lost Customer” (2010), “Do Managers Dream of Fired Employees” (2010), “How to Survive a Trade Fair” (2009), “Manager on the Edge” (2009), „Are You Still Secure with your Security” (2008), “The Dark Side of Management” (2005), “The Human Side of Management” (2004), “How to Sell Yourself Successfully” (2003), “Negotiate with the Black Devil and Keep the White Wings” (2001), “How to Sell Snow to Eskimos” (2000), “Say it Loudly and Clearly” (1999), “Technology Transfer and Technological Parks” (1996), „Golf basics“ (1995), etc.

The book “The Darks Side of Management” was published in 2007 as the first audio book in Croatia. He is one of the Croatian experts whose knowledge was presented on the first training DVD for business people “My Clever Video”.
He is the author of numerous professional articles in the periodicals Poslovni savjetnik (Business Advisor), Direktor (Top Manager), Poslovni tjednik (Business Weekly), RRIF (Accounting and Finances), Banka (Bank), Hrvatsko gospodarstvo (Croatian Economy), qLife, PRO-PRO, Marketing UP, Profit, ZV News etc.

He worked at the representative office of 3M Company, The Croatian Chamber of Economy, The Business School of Zagreb, Končar and Munja. He currently works as a business advisor, mentor, business trainer and negotiation advisor.

He is a professor at University North in Croatia, and has also lectured at several faculties and colleges (University of Applied Sciences “Vern”, University College Nikola Zrinski, Polytechnics Pula, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences Zagreb, Libertas Business School Zagreb, UTILUS Business School for Tourism and Hotel Management, Business School WIFI Heidelberg, Business School Experta and CBA Cotrugli Business Academy). He was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering Zagreb and University of Applied Sciences Požega.

He has also conducted trainings in management, sales communications (presentation, negotiation and sales skills), team communication and management (resolution of conflicts and motivation), change and problem solution management (crisis management); he participated at fairs and business safety trainings for numerous companies in Croatia and abroad (Allianz, Auto Krešo, Auto Hrvatska, ANET, Billa, Coca Cola, dm, Exxon Mobil, Grawe, Importanne resorts, IBM, INA (Oil Industry), HEP (Croatian Electricity Company), Končar, Konzum, Koprivnička pivovara, Mozaik knjiga, Nexe Group, Perutnina, Petrol, RAM 3, Raiffeisen Bank, T-Com, Tifon, Zagrebačka pivovara etc.

He is the president and founder of the Croatian Youth Association “Smart Hub”

He is a member of the Croatian Society for Excellence and Management Systems (HDISU), Croatian Marketing Association (HUM), Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) and Croatian Safety Managers Association (UHMS).

He is a permanent associate and author of blogs at and